Filmvisning 12 mars kl. 19.00 Hall of Nation, Balboa Park

Swedish center kommer den 12 mars kl. 19.00 visa filmen “Trevligt Folk” i Hall of Nation i Balboa Park. Filmvisningen är gratis och den har engelsk undertext. Donationer är mycket uppskattade.
Här är en länk till en trailer från filmen och här nedan kan ni läsa lite kort om vad den handlar om.
“The rural Swedish town of Borlänge is confronted by the influx of Somalis who have fled war and come to live in Sweden. Integrating has proven difficult, so entrepreneur Patrik Andersson decides that all the Swedes and Somalis need is something in common to bring them together. He encourages them to learn Bandy with the goal of becoming the first ever Bandy team to represent Somalia at the Bandy World Championships in Irkutsk, Russia, even though they have never skated in their lives! It seems like an impossible task, but ever-enthusiastic Andersson is convinced that it will help these men become a part of Borlänge and with his charm and connections and a love of PR, the impossible soon becomes anything but.”movie screening March 12